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Required For All Out-of-Province (non-sanctioned Softball BC events) Travel by Teams. Not required for Canadian or Western Canadian Championships. Teams will only be sanctioned for participation in softball tournaments operated under recognized softball organizations - USAS/ASA/USSSA/NSA A “Travel Permit Request” must include a roster listing all current Softball BC members (e.g. players, coaches and managers) attending this tournament/event. Please complete the roster at the end of this form. Be advised, Softball BC’s out of province insurance coverage does not include protection against COVID claims. Our insurance underwriter no longer provides extended travel medical insurance. It is recommended, before travelling out of province or country, that everyone review their personal medical travel coverage. Optional travel insurance is available through Sport BC via the link at the bottom of this message. Teams attending out of province events and choosing to purchase travel medical coverage elsewhere are still required to submit a completed “Travel Permit Request” to Softball BC. Travel Permit Requests must be received no later than (5) five working days prior to your departure. Approved travel permits, along with the necessary insurance certificate will be sent via email the Wednesday prior to your departure. If you have any questions please contact Softball BC at Please see link if you wish to purchase extended personal injury coverage for travel outside Canada Any further questions with extended insurance please contact Cameron Cheung

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