RAMP InterActive Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Policy

RAMP InterActive has developed this Privacy Policy for implementation beginning at the start of the agreement. This Policy describes the way that RAMP InterActive collects, uses, retains, safeguards, discloses and disposes of the personal information of prospective and current customers, customer members, and others including executive members, players, parents, coaches, referees, managers and volunteers.

This Policy describes the way that RAMP InterActive will, subject to applicable legal requirements, adhere to all relevant federal and provincial legislative privacy requirements. The Policy follows the 10 Canadian Standards Association (CSA) principles identified in the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Policy describes each principle and the method of implementing each. RAMP InterActive will strive to meet or exceed federal and provincial legislative requirements and will ensure that it remains current with changing technologies and laws. Any and all changes will immediately be posted to the RAMP InterActive Website, RAMP Registrations, RAMP Assigning and the RAMP Team App.

  1. Accountability

    1.1 RAMP InterActive will appoint a person (the "Privacy Officer") whose responsibilities will include those of the implementation and monitoring of the RAMP InterActive Privacy Policy. The Privacy Officer will be responsible for RAMP InterActive’s compliance with privacy principles. This person will also be responsible for responding to access requests in accordance with this Policy. The Privacy Officer will report to the President and the ultimate responsibility for Privacy issues will rest with the RAMP InterActive Board of Directors. The Privacy Officer may at his/her discretion enlist assistance from other staff members and/or volunteers within the organization. This will not in any manner mitigate his/her responsibility for Privacy issues.

    1.2 The Privacy Officer’s identity will be fully disclosed and publicly accessible to RAMP InterActive members and the public in general. RAMP InterActive’s Privacy Officer is Brant Middleton and can be reached at brant@rampinteractive.com or by phone at 866.607.RAMP (7267), extension #3003.

    1.3 RAMP InterActive’s Privacy Officer will ensure that RAMP InterActive manages all personal information in its possession in accordance with this Policy including that which may be transferred to a third party. Third party organizations who handle information on behalf of RAMP InterActive shall be contractually obligated to adhere to the standards of RAMP InterActive.

    1.4 RAMP InterActive will implement internal policies which will facilitate adherence to this Privacy Policy including but not limited to the following:

    Security measures at all levels designed to protect personal information in our possession.
    • Implementing procedures designed to respond to complaints and/or inquiries.
    • Staff training in all facets of information management, including awareness of RAMP InterActive’s Privacy Policy and policies and procedures developed in accordance with the Policy.

  2. Identifying Purposes, Type of Information Collected and Website

    2.1 RAMP InterActive shall only collect the information reasonably necessary its customers to conduct Programming. Access to our Privacy policies and procedures will be readily available. Similarly, the process by which challenges may be made to RAMP InterActive’s compliance and/or adherence to the legislation in question shall be readily available and transparent.

    2.2 RAMP InterActive collects personal information from its customer’s member executives, players, parents, coaches, referees, managers and volunteers for the purposes of conducting Programming. Specifically:

    • A player’s name, address and date of birth and birth certificates can be collected to ensure that the player’s geographical, division of play and level of play information are consistent.
    • Headshots photos may be collected for identification purposes. Only RAMP InterActive and the collecting organization has access to these photos.
    • Historical information concerning past teams played for is collected in order to determine if any transfer regulations may apply.
    • Information concerning an individual’s skill level and development and feedback on programs is collected to measure the success of RAMP InterActive customers programs in order to better plan future programs.
    • Information as to a players or a players parents’ name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses may be collected in order to facilitate emergency contact information as well as to ensure compliance with RAMP InterActive customers residency regulations.
    • Educational information may be collected in order to ensure all RAMP InterActive customers residency regulations have been adhered to.
    • E-mail addresses may be collected for the purposes of facilitating membership communication related to upcoming events and programs.
    • Information about skill levels, ability, emergency contacts and health to ensure activities are carried out in a safe and secure environment.
    • Personal information collected for the purposes of registrations may also be used for specific research purposes including but not necessarily limited to demographic type research.
    • Credit cards may be collected and stored for refund and payment plan purposes. Credit cards are encrypted and are not viewable to anyone. A member can delete a Credit Card on file in its RAMP Registrations family account. RAMP InterActive follows PCI Compliance guidelines in the collection and storage of credit card information.
    • Information collected may be used for potential and actual insurance claims and the subsequent investigation thereof.
    • Information collected may be used in appeals and regulations challenges as well as to defend RAMP InterActive or RAMP InterActive customers against legal action.

    2.3 RAMP InterActive will, when the opportunity arises, educate its customers on the purpose for the collection of the data requested at the time of registration. Collectors of the personal information shall be familiar with the potential use of the personal data. All personal data collected by RAMP InterActive shall be stored on RAMP Secure Cloud Servers.

    2.4 RAMP InterActive customers shall request permission for the use of any personal data collected which is extraneous to that which has been identified above, unless said usage is authorized by law.

    2.5 RAMP InterActive may also use information about an individual who accesses secure areas of RAMP systems. Information you are asked to provide during your use of our platforms may include your name, address, e-mail address, age, sex [and the other types of personal information listed in paragraph 2.2]. All such personal information will be treated within the same parameters as other personal information collected by RAMP InterActive through other means. It is always your choice to provide information in certain fields although failure to complete certain sections may inhibit your ability to fully access all areas of the Website, RAMP Registrations, RAMP Assigning or the RAMP Team App. Our website also collects non-identifiable information about users such as the users IP address, the sections of the website visited and the information downloaded. RAMP InterActive may use this non-identifiable information and disclose it to service providers, for system administration purposes and to improve its platforms.


  3. Consent

    3.1 RAMP InterActive and its customers will use the personal information for the uses specified above in section 2 and in Sections 3.2 and 3.3 below. By consenting to provide your information to RAMP InterActive customers, you are deemed to consent to our use of the information for the purposes of Programming listed in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy and to disclosure of the information to other associated organizations for the same purpose.

    3.2 In addition to using personal information for Programming purposes, RAMP InterActive and its customers may from time to time wish to use member name, address and contact information for the purposes of providing promotional opportunities, including by providing the information to other third parties who RAMP InterActive or its customers believes provide services or goods that may be of interest to you. RAMP InterActive, its customers and any such third parties may contact you with promotions or to provide further specific communications regarding your organization. RAMP InterActive customers will provide an opportunity to opt out of this use of information.

    3.3 RAMP InterActive and its customers recognize that sport by its nature can cause injuries. Some RAMP InterActive customers believe medical records, medical history and medical forms of the individual may be of assistance in an emergency situation and therefore may request them. While members and prospective members are under no obligation whatsoever to supply this information and may refuse to do so without penalty, RAMP InterActive and its customers will consider receipt of this information as consent for its subsequent use in an emergency medical situation.

    3.4 If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of your information for any purposes, you may do so by contacting the your organizations or the Privacy Officer for RAMP InterActive. We will do our best to accommodate your request in a timely fashion without diminishing the services we provide to you. We will explain to you the impact of your withdrawal on any services we provide to you.

    3.5 RAMP InterActive and its customers may collect personal information without consent where reasonable to do so and where permitted by law.


  4. Limiting Collection

    4.1 All information shall be collected fairly and lawfully within the criteria as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

    4.2 RAMP InterActive and its customers shall not indiscriminately collect information. The amount and type of information collected shall be limited to that which is required to fulfill its identified purposes.

    4.3 RAMP InterActive and its customers will not use any form of deception in gaining personal information from its members.


  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

    5.1 Subject to applicable legislation, RAMP InterActive and its customers shall limit use of personal information it collects to purposes that we have disclosed in the Sections above.

    5.2 RAMP InterActive and its customers shall maintain documents for certain periods of time dependent upon necessity. More specifically:

    • RAMP InterActive customers normally maintain registration data for a five year period after an individual has left its programs.
    • Parental/family information will be normally maintained for a similar five year period after a member has left its programs.
    • RAMP InterActive and its customers may from time to time enlist the services of third party vendors in order to provide programs, technical and support services. Prior to enlisting the services of these firms RAMP InterActive and its customers shall contractually commit them to treat your personal information consistent with the Privacy Policy of RAMP InterActive.
    • RAMP InterActive may at some point be involved in the sale, merger, transfer or reorganization of its activities. We may disclose personal information to the other party in such a transaction. RAMP InterActive will ensure that we contractually obligate the other party to treat this information in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.
    • RAMP InterActive and its customers may disclose your personal information to a government authority that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information or where the association has reasonable grounds to believe the information could be useful in the investigation of an unlawful activity, or to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by the court, person, or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of the information or otherwise as permitted by applicable law.
    • RAMP InterActive and its customers may at its discretion release personal information for the purposes of collecting debts which may be owed to RAMP InterActive or its customers.

    5.3 Certain documents may be subject to legislated retention periods either federally or provincially and these will be respected at all times by RAMP InterActive and its customers.


  6. Accuracy

    6.1 RAMP InterActive and its customers shall strive to ensure to the extent it can that the information entrusted to us is maintained in an accurate manner. We shall try to maintain the interests of the individual and attempt to ensure that decisions are not made for or about an individual based on personal information that is flawed.

    6.2 RAMP InterActive and its customers shall only update information in the event of a renewal or registration and/or an update.


  7. Safeguards

    7.1 Security safeguards have been implemented to ensure your personal information is protected from theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification thereof.

    7.2 The level of safeguards employed shall be directly related to the level of sensitivity of the personal information collected. The more sensitive the information, the higher the level of security employed.

    7.3 Methods of protection and safeguards to be employed shall include but in no way be necessarily limited to locked files, offices and storage areas, security clearances and need to know access as well as technological measures such as passwords, TLS encryption, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-DDoS, firewalls and gateways.


  8. Openness

    8.1 RAMP InterActive publicly discloses the methods by which we handle your personal information. This information is readily available through our Privacy Policy, on our website, software platforms or upon request by contacting the RAMP InterActive Privacy Officer Brant Middleton.

    8.2 The information available includes:

    • The name address and phone number of the RAMP InterActive Privacy Officer.
    • The RAMP Registration platform that can be used to access your information or change your information.
    • A description of the type of personal information held by RAMP InterActive and our general uses thereof.
      • This includes: Registration information, including name, date of birth, address, past teams played on, medical information and e-mail addresses
    • Information used for communication or promotional opportunities.
  9. Individual Access

    9.1 Subject to applicable legislation, upon request by the individual concerned RAMP InterActive shall disclose whether or not it actually holds personal information on an individual. We shall disclose the source of this information when requested and provide an account of third parties to whom the information may have been disclosed.

    9.2 RAMP InterActive may request sufficient information to confirm your identity before releasing your personal information to you.

    9.3 Subject to applicable legislation, RAMP InterActive shall endeavor to provide this information within 30 days of receipt of the information requested and only charge a $100 fee for the purpose of off-setting its expenses incurred in supplying the requested information. This information shall be provided in an understandable format, at the time you make a request.

    9.4 Any inaccurate information that is brought to our attention shall be corrected by RAMP InterActive or its customers as quickly as possible and any pertinent third parties shall be apprised of the corrections in due course.


  10. Challenging Compliance

    10.1 RAMP InterActive procedures for the resolution of grievances in the administration of its Privacy Policy.

    10.2 Upon receipt of a complaint RAMP InterActive shall make available the complaint procedures which will be simple and easy to access.

    10.3 RAMP InterActive or its customers shall investigate all complaints. If the complaint is deemed justified RAMP InterActive shall take the appropriate steps to ensure that compliance is achieved and will make changes to its policies to allow for compliance in the future.

    10.4 All complaints shall be addressed to the RAMP InterActive Privacy Officer, Brant  Middleton who can be reached at brant@rampinteractive.com or by phone at 866.607.7267 extension #3003.

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