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Calwest Basketball - Refund Policy

As a not for profit organization that runs on a very tight budget, it is necessary to adopt the following policies for withdrawals.

Notice of withdrawal must be made directly to the Registrar, treasurer, age group coordinator, and coach.

If you qualify for a refund, please send an email with the player's name and age and reason for withdrawal to Barb Marks at and Ybeth Soriano at .
Refunds, less the withdrawal fee, will be sent as soon as the players uniform has been returned to the equipment coordinator.


To withdraw from the program and receive a full refund (less a $50 admin fee) notice must be given prior to the start of evaluations.

Withdrawals from the program prior to the end of evaluations will receive a partial refund of 50% of fees paid.

Withdrawals after evaluations have been completed will not be considered for a refund.

Withdrawals from the Tykes program must be made prior to September 30th in order to receive a full refund (less $50 admin fee). Withdrawals after this date will not be considered for a refund.

The only exceptions to this policy would be for those players that are found to be medically unable to continue in the program (backed by a doctor's note), or receive the approval of the Calwest Executive.
Practice nights / times/ and locations cannot be confirmed until after evaluations have been completed and teams have been set (usually by the end of the third week of September). We understand that some children are involved in multiple activities and where possible we will try to accomodate, however, conflicts with these other activities do not qualify as an exception.

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