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Bow River Basketball - Refund Policy

As a not for profit organization that runs on a very tight budget, that is based on league fees being charged per team not players, it is necessary to adopt the following stringent policies for withdrawals. Practice night, times, and locations cannot be confirmed until after evaluations have been completed and teams have been set (usually by the third week of September). We understand that some children are involved in multiple activities and where possible we will try to accommodate your requests, however, conflicts with these other activities do not qualify as a refund exception. Please consider your child's schedule and time commitments to other activities prior to completing your registration.

Refund Policy / Withdrawals

All withdrawal and refund requests must be made by email to our Registrar (see below for instructions):

100% fees refunded (minus $50 administration fee), prior to September 1st for all programs.

50% fees refunded (minus $50 administration fee), before end of evaluations for Mini through Juvenile Programs

50% fees refunded (minus $50 administration fee), September 1st - September 30th for Tyke programs.

NO refund will be given after Teams have been created (end of Evaluations) for Mini through Juvenile Programs and after September 30th for Tyke programs.

Juv Players in Winter session (Jan-Mar) no refunds given after season starts.

Please note that NO refunds will be granted based on player requests not being met (ie. friend requests, practice nights, etc.).

Medical Refund:

The only exception to withdrawal deadlines would be for players that are found to be NEWLY medically unable to continue in the program (supported by a doctor’s note). No medical refunded will be offered for those with PRE-EXISTING medical conditions. These refunds will be prorated based on the date in the season that the injury occurred. No refunds will be given after January 1, 2019.

If you require a refund, please send your request via email to the Registrar at:; include the player's name, age, division, complete mailing address including postal code, and the reason for withdrawal, (you will be asked to provide a doctor’s note if the reason is for medical purposes).

Approved refunds will be processed in October only after confirmation that the player’s uniform has been returned to the uniform coordinator.

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