Warman Wado Kai Karate
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Warman Wado Kai Karate - Refund Policy

The registration packages include a minimum of 3 seperate parts, these parts are training fees for student ($20/month for family class, $25/month for adult class), registration fee for the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation ($70/year) and an administration fee ($5).

Should you choose to cancel your registration before the end of the session a refund granted for the unused months of training ($20/month for family class, $25/month for adult class). No refund will be available for the SWKKF Registration Fee or the administration fee.

If your registration package included a Gi (outfit) and/or Hand Pads, a full refund will given if the equipment has never been used. If the equipment has been used a prorated refund MAY be available for the hand pads depending on the condition of the equipment.

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