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Nova Synchro Swim Club - Refund Policy

2018 Summer Camp Refund Policy:

- If withdrawn 1 week prior to the start of the camp a full refund will be provided.
- Full refund if the summer camp is cancelled by Nova due to low number of registrations.

2018-19 Season Competitive Refund Policy:
Any withdrawal from the club must be formally submitted in writing to the Executive one month prior to the effective date. A doctor's note will be required in the case of a withdrawal for medical reasons.

A penalty for withdrawal will be pro-rated based on the age group level and the point in the swimming year up to January 1st, after which there will be no refund. Appeals may be made to the Executive. A subcommittee will be struck to determine the refund schedule if the Executive deems a refund is in order.

Fees will not be refunded after January 1st because of the financial commitments made to coaches, cost of pool time and competition expenses.

2018-19 Season Pre-Competitive Refund Policy:
Little & Learn to Synchro programs are fully refundable up to one week prior to the program. Fees for the program are non-refundable 6 days prior to session start date unless the session is cancelled due to low numbers. If a session is cancelled all cheques will be voided.

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