Leduc & County Basketball Association
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Leduc & County Basketball Association - Refund Policy

Refunds will be provided for program withdrawal requests as per the following guidelines:

1) All requests must be in writing, either by letter or email and must be delivered to the Registrar (lcbabasketball@gmail.com) indicating the reason for the request, the amount paid, and the athlete’s name and division registered in.

2) Refunds will be refunded according to the following:
An administration fee of $50.00 will be applicable for all withdraws prior to the start of the regular season. Regular season begins at the first practice. After the start of the season, refunds will not be permitted. (Please note: In extenuating circumstances (e.g. injury taking child out of play for entire season), a partial refund may be provided; subject to a majority vote by the LCBA Executive.)

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