Online Registration

Hassle Free

Take the hassle out of registration by introducing an online, paperless and customizable method to collect registrations for your club, camp, clinic or event. Reduce your workload by data managing, rather than wasting numerous hours with data entry.


Less Paper, Less Time, and Save Money

Registration just got a lot easier! With our online registration system, you can customize your own simple online form for your members to fill out in a safe and secure environment. Collect all the information and fees instantly! Also track payments and amounts owing with a built in accounting system. No more messing around with paper and cheques, it’s that simple.


Custom Reports

Registration systems are custom designed to your organization’s specific needs. Our system lets you data manage instead of wasting numerous hours doing data entry. Need custom lists or reports? No problem! You can generate versatile reports on the fly. Whatever you put in, can be taken out in a custom Excel, HTML and Printable Reports. Even submit Child Tax Benefit receipts to your entire membership with one click of a button.