Association Websites (MSA 3.0 Platform)

Customized Website Branding

RAMP customizes websites to meet the needs for all Youth Sports Associations. Every association is different therefore a unique solution is required. RAMP is NOT a one size fits all solution! Each and every one of our youth sports websites has its own different look and feel, based on your association’s current brand.

ADministration Made Easy

The goal of our platform is to streamline and standardize the vast majority of the communication and administration across your organization. We do this by providing specific access, tools and features that make the lives of your Associations key stakeholders easier. For instance, we have features including, but not limited to:

  • Webmaster Area (Super User that sits at the top of the website and can give access to different individuals)
  • Executives Area (password protected area for private discussions and documents, along with a motions / voting system)
  • Division Directors (private access, personalized area, communicating evaluation information, posting news and events specific to the Division)
  • House League Managers (manage the schedules, post score and game sheet summaries, automatic standings and statistics updates)
  • Team Managers (private access, all team communication and administration)
  • Ability to set up House League teams and Rep teams differently (ie. Rep Teams can add their league schedule to the team website, but House Teams cannot as the Association controls the league schedule)
  • Ice Allocators (importing schedules, posting available ice)
  • Fundraiser Area (Ability to add local sponsors and advertisers to website or utilize RAMP’s optional sponsorship program to generate new revenues)
  • Families (family accounts, choose specific players, create family calendar, sync family schedules with blackberry or iphone, share pictures and videos with teammates etc.)